Finals Game Schedule

19 April 2019

There are only five days left until the 2018-19 Vestel Venus Sultans League Finals! Here are some details you need to know before the show.

This season’s Eczacıbaşı VitrA-VakıfBank final match-up, which is known as one of the greatest spectacles of world volleyball, is to start next Wednesday, April 24.

After a day off yesterday, the team continues the preparations with double practices today.

During the Finals, which will gather star players from both teams in the same court, all games will be broadcast live on the Turkish sports channel TRT Spor. The first two games of the best-of-five series will take place at VakıfBank Sports Palace. The team which wins three games will become the Turkish League champions.

Finals Game Schedule

Game 1

Date: April 24, Wednesday

Venue: VakıfBank Sports Palace

Time: 6 pm

Game 2

Date: April 26, Friday

Venue: VakıfBank Sports Palace

Time: 6 pm

Game 3

Date: April 29, Monday

Venue: Burhan Felek Volleyball Hall

Time: 6 pm

Game 4 (if necessary)

Date: May 2, Thursday

Venue: Burhan Felek Volleyball Hall

Time: 6 pm

Game 5 (if necessary)

Date: May 5, Sunday

Venue: Burhan Felek Volleyball Hall

Time: 14.00


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